Forum Thread: How to Remove 3rd Stop Light on Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi, to Change the Bulb, or Repair Nozzle for Windows Cleaning Liquid

This is for dummies who know nothing about cars and general repair jobs, who barely ever held a tool in their hand.

Step 1: Think About It and Locate Problem

I did all this because liquid was not leaking on my rear window. I figured something must be clogged in the nozzle ..., however, it will turn different by the end of the clip

Step 2: Points of Attachetment

Third stop light is attached at the 5th door, you have to approach it from the inside, therefore, you have to open the door first. The 5th door that is.

Step 3: Detaching

There are 2 rubber caps. You have to pull them out. You do that by pulling. Pull hard. You do not need any tools. Fingers are enough. Inside you'll notice some tin plates. They are the points you should push with adequate tool. Don't push too hard. There's no need for that. Don't be afraid to push, as it's not too firmly attached. You won't break anything.

Step 4: Pulling

Grab the 3rd stop light group and pull it out. You'll have to twist and wiggle a bit, but no big deal. You can do all this, all the steps, almost, using one hand only.

Step 5: Detaching 2

Detach jack for the bulb and hose for the nozzle

Step 6: The End 1

At this point you change the bulb and pack everything back together, or ...

Step 7: The End 2

Start the engine, engage the nozzle ... if liquid is pouring on the window, it's clogged nozzle. Clean it, or replace with new one. Put everything back together.

Step 8: The End 3

If no liquid on the window, it's not nozzle. Find what it is. In the meantime, put everything back together.

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