How To: Ford Fiesta Fusion Checking Windows Washer Hoses

Ford Fiesta Fusion Checking Windows Washer Hoses

Last month I published the first part, however, it was like building the house from the roof, so this is the prequel. It means, nothing will happen, but you may learn something if you didn't know anything at all, to begin with. I may give it another try, someday, when I open the hub again, for whatever reason ...

Step 1: Open the Hub, Locate Hoses on the Right Side, Going All the Way Along the Engine Compartment. 2 Hoses, One for the Front Window, One for the Rear. The Third Line Is for Opening the Hub, I Think.

Step 2: Locate the Joint, It Is Where Sometimes the Leak Is. Start the Engine, Engage Sprinklers, See if It Is Leaking at the Joint, if Not, Go Further ...

Step 3: The Next Spot to Look Is Just Behind the Front Wheels, as There Are Some Holes Just for the Pourpose of Removing Excess Water and Alike ...

Step 4: If It 's Not There, Go Further, but I Would Not Know Where, as My Leak Was There, at the Front Wheels

Step 5: As It Is Not Something I Coud Fix in 5 Minutes, While Waiting for the Wife to Finish Her Shopping, I Decided to Postpone the Fix for Some Better Times ...

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