How To: Activate Prius Hybrid electric only & stop using gas

Activate Prius Hybrid electric only & stop using gas

The EVMODE electric only option is a must have Toyota Prius Hybrid accessory. Prius owners, improve hybrid MPG, activate the factory EV MOD option for electric only mode. Known as EV Mode or EVMODE allows you to switch to electric-only mode for increased fuel efficiency and performance up to 34mph. Easy installation with no wire cutting necessary. Make your green car more eco-friendly. Stop using gas!!

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You can also slowly accelerate to use the EV mode. If you can't control the pressure to do so then consider this kit. However, I do this all the time until I get to the main road (about 1 mile) on my way to work. This is a standard thing in any other country besides the U.S.

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