News: Can Glaze Putty Be Applied Over Primer?

Can Glaze Putty Be Applied Over Primer?

This is a Q&A video with the question asking if glaze putty can be applied over primer or not. In this short Q&A video I am going to answer this question.

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Video Transcript

  • Hey Youtube. This is Donnie Smith and I'm back with another Q & A, answering your questions that you leave me on videos. Been getting a lot of questions lately, so I'm on try to help answer some of those with these video responses. And this question was about block sanding, after you block sand something. What do you do if you find a low after that? You've already done all your filling. You've done your body work. What do you do with the lows after you find them after you've already primed and block it? I'm ona help answer that in this video. Alright. So, jpboston82 asks, " Do you ever fill low spots with filler or glaze putty?" And as always, I appreciate you guys asking this question, that's a great question, and the quick answer, the short answer is gonna be yes. You can use glaze putty over primer. Now, there's some things you need to do before you do that. Now before I get there, I am gonna mention that it's best to have all your body work done using glaze putty and all that before you prime where you don't have any lows. But let's face it, we all have some imperfections. Either pin holes or lows or something that pops up after it's been primed on occasion. Let me give you one hint to help you, and you may be doing this, but use a Guide Coat in your body filler stages. I know a lot of people use it during priming, but go ahead and use it in body filler. Spray some Guide Coat or put the Dry Guide Coat on there. It comes in two different methods and it just helps you identify any lows or things like that before you get to the priming stages. So, if you're not using Guide Coat, be sure and use some Guide Coat. And that's just something you spray on there. It's a different color so that if there's a low or scratch or whatever, that it stays in that low area and you can identify it really easy. But, like I said, occasionally we're all gonna miss some things so what do we do? So you've got the Primer Surfacer on there. You've got it blocked out it, looks good, but you find that there's a low there. You can put glaze putty on there like Metal Glaze. There's a lot of different brands but the glaze is designed to go over 2K Cure Primer if it's dried. But there is something you wanna do. You may have blocked with 220 or 320. Most putties on their technical data sheets say that it should be over nothing no finer than 180. So let's say there's a small area you're gonna have to put some glaze putty, glaze coat, different people call it different things. Let's say there's a small area you're gonna put that and be sure and sand by hand. Get a piece of 180 and sand that. It needs to be 180 or courser for that to adhere properly according to the technical data sheets. So you scuff that up with some 180. Blow it off, and then you can apply your putty on there. And then block that out. And if I had to apply putty, you're probably gonna wanna prime and block one more time. Now if it's just a very, very minor low, just one that is not very noticeable, you could consider just priming again and blocking it out and seeing if it blocks out in the next prime. Sometimes just the mills from that primer will fill in enough to level that out. But if it's pretty low, chances are primer is not gonna fill it. So you're gonna need to put some more glaze coat on there, followed by priming and blocking one more time. And hopefully after that, you can get it. Remember after each step, glaze after you prime. You can use that Guide Coat to help you. It's just a tool to help you identify lows and highs and things like that. And once all the Guide Coat's off, you know that it's good and level. Well, JP, I hope that helps answer your question. If it doesn't, shoot me another message and I'll try to respond back to that. And as always, I appreciate you for leaving this comment, and I appreciate everybody for watching these videos. If you like the video, be sure and give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to us, and we will see you in the next video.

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