Forum Thread: How to Install an Iron Cross Bumper on a Nissan Titan

In this tutorial I am going to demonstrate how to remove the factory OEM front bumper on a 2007 Nissan Titan and install a new Iron Cross front bumper.

Step 1: Remove Grill by Twisting the Twist Clips Using a Flat Blade Screwdriver. Some of the Clips May Require Pliers to Squeeze Clip or Pried Using a Flat Blade Screwdriver.

Step 2: Remove Clips from Radiator Support and Transfer Clips to Grill.

Step 3: Remove Four 10 Mm Bolts Holding Skid Plate and Remove.

Step 4: Unbolt if Attached: Some Year Models the Bumper May Attach to Fender. Check by Looking Between Bumper and Fender. Some Models May Also Require Fender Liner to Be Removed.

Step 5: Unbolt Two Bolts on Each Side of the Outside Bumper Bracket. Unbolt Where Bracket Attaches to Frame.

Step 6: Unbolt One Nut on Each Side Where the Lower Bumper Bracket Attaches to the Bumper.

Step 7: Unbolt Two Bolts on Each Side Where the Bracket Bolts onto the Upper Bumper.

Step 8: Remove Bumper by Gently Pulling. May Need to Work Up and Down Slightly to Free the Bumper. Be Certain All Electrical Connection Are Disconnected if Equipped Before Removing Bumper.

Step 9: Pull on Center Pin on Clip and Remove Foam Pad.

Step 10: Remove Two 17 Mm Bolts on Each Side Holding Bumper Bracket onto Frame.

Step 11: Check Bracket to Assure They Are Attached on the Correct Side. The Angled Part of the Bracket Should Be Facing Outwards.

Step 12: Bolt Bracket on Each Side Using Two of the Provided 19 Mm Fine Thread Bolts, Washers, and Lock Washers, and Tighten Hand Tight. The Bracket Bolts to Bottom of Frame Rail.

Step 13: Hold Bumper in Place with the Help of Someone, Floor Jack and Jack Stands or Hoist and Install 3 of the 19 Mm Bolts, Washers and Lock Washers on Each Side Hand Tight.

Step 14: Align Bumper and Tighten All Bolts. Inspect Alignment and Do
Any Final Adjusting and Retighten All Bolts and Torque All Bolts to 65
Ft/Lbs. Then Connect Any Electrical Components.

Step 15: Reinstall Grill by Pushing Clips to Lock into Place.

Now Enjoy Your New Iron Cross Bumper

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