Forum Thread: How to Park with Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS)

Let's see how the smart parking assist system (SPAS) works in Hyundai Tucson (2015 – 2016 model, formerly known as ix35) in depth »how to« video.

Activate the Smart Parking Assist System and select correct mode so the system knows where to look for a parking space.

Slowly drive forward when the system is looking for a free parking space.

When searching is done, the above message will appear on LCD display. Stop the car and shift to the Reverse position.

In this moment the system will take control over the steering wheel. Your job is to follow the instructions on LCD display, so you have to shift and slowly control the brake pedal.

The system will also let you know when parking is done and when auto control is off.

You also have to realize that there are situations when the smart park assist doesn't work or can't find a suitable parking space, for example, the system does not work if there are two free parking lots together and you are trying to park in one of them.

But when the system works, it works extremely well and it is a big plus for Hyundai Tucson. So yes, Hyundai Tucson smart park assist really works.

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