Forum Thread: How to Paint Stripes and Letters on Car

There are several ways to paint stripes, but the way we show you in this video is easy. You do not have to be an artist.

Stripes and decals look great, but they are usually vinyl type that stick on. Painting the stripes on is not much harder and probably less expensive than buying decals for your car. Watch the video to see the steps we took on this Mustang.

Step 1: Trace Stripes and Decals

Before you start stripping everything off your car to sand and paint. Use some masking paper and charcoal to trace the stripes and decals as demonstrated in the video. Whether you decided to use them or not later, you will have them.

Step 2: Prep Car

Prep car and get it ready to paint. This may include any body repair, priming, block sanding, final sanding, cleaning, etc.

Step 3: Wash and Mask Car

After you prep and wash the car, then mask car to prevent overspray from getting on moldings, glass, etc.

Step 4: Apply Primer Sealer and Base Coat

Apply primer sealer after the car is masked, wiped down with an approved cleaner, and tacked off, now you can mix and apply a coat of primer sealer. We used an epoxy sealer for this Mustang project.

Allow sealer to flash for the recommended time, then apply 2 to 3 coats of base coat.

Step 5: Apply Stencils

Allow the base coat to dry and start masking off the stripes. You can use tape and cut the letters out using a razor blade. But we used the traced stencils to have a graphics company cut them for us. I think it cost us $40, which is much cheaper than many decals you buy. Remember to spray car and back of stencil with water. This will allow you to adjust stencil if needed.

Apply stencils and use plastic spreader or credit card to remove all water and air working from inside towards the outside of decal. Next, mask car to prevent overspray.

Step 6: Spray Stripe Base

Mix and apply 2 to 3 coats of stripe base coat.

Step 7: Unmask and Clear

Once the stripe is sprayed, now you can unmask stripes and clear over both the car base coat and the stripe base coat. After car stripes are unmasked and tacked off, spray 2 to 3 coats of clear coat.

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That's great but don't you have a build up of colour on the edges after removing the stencils? And you can see them after clear coating?

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