How To: Cover parts in carbon fiber by skinning or wrapping

Cover parts in carbon fiber by skinning or wrapping

Prepare a chocolate cream roll. And into your whip topping, put in one teaspoon of vanilla extract, about a cap full. Stir the whip, the vanilla removes the packaging taste. Spread the whip all over the cake, nice and thick. Clean out the edges and round it out. With a fork, drag the prongs across the top of the log. And all around the surfaces. With a knife, spiral out the ends of the log. Start in the center and slowly spiral out. Dust the top of the cake with cocoa powder, then do the ends. Tilt the cake lightly as so not to spill it over. To make mushroom decoration, you'll only need Candy kisses and marshmallows. Put a marshmallow up a toothpick with a candy kiss at the end. And just place it on the log how ever you wish. Place cake in refrigerator before serving.

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