How To: DIY a redneck roller-coaster

DIY a redneck roller-coaster

These are real instructions on building this crazy and fun death machine. Mod your car to hold this contraption to it's roof and give your friends the ride of their life, without the lines of a normal roller coaster.

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It really is genius, but I can't believe we never get to see the damn thing running!!!

Dude. Yeah. TOTALLY brilliant, but EQUALLY perturbing not to get to see him drive it.

him driving it

Chapter 2 is him driving it...

the craftsmanship here looks very german inspired.

This is so awesome! I watched all the videos on this after seeing this one!

HA. Did you see those sparks!? I've gotta make one of these!

That dog its going to get kill.

yay for the internet

don't let the term redneck limit you --- this can be done in urban environments as well

roller coasters rule!! we're building one in the back yard of our offices now.

how to unhook a bra with one hand is my favotite!!!!

thank you sweet baby jesus for giving the canadian rednecks free health insurance

yes this is cool and smart ,,But this guy is a convicted pedophile ,he messed with his own kids ..He is very sick .He use all the cool things he dose to attracted kids to his farm .

sorry, I must be blind where is chapter 2?

love it, i learned how to drive from guys like these up in western NY

thats got to be illegal... then again, the fun stuff is ilegal

Doesn't matter where you live. Cops are going to HATE this.

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