How To: Hand Clean a Spray Gun Using Only 2oz. Thinner

Hand Clean a Spray Gun Using Only 2oz. Thinner

In this video tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to clean a spray gun by hand with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Safety First

Before cleaning the spray gun, be certain you have the correct PPE. You will need gloves, safety glasses, and respirator to protect your skin, eyes, and lungs.

Step 2: Lacquer Thinner

Add lacquer thinner to a spray bottle. This will be used to clean the gun.

Step 3: Dispose of Waste

Pour any remaining product in an approved container.

Step 4: Clean Gun Internally

Without the air connected to the spray gun, use the spray bottle to spray inside of the gun or cup. Squeeze the trigger all of the way back to allow the thinner to run through the gun. If you are using a cup on the gun, swish the thinner around in the cup before squeezing the trigger. The thinner should be collected in a plastic cup. Run thinner through the gun until the stream becomes clear. This may take several time before the stream is clear.

Step 5: Clean Gun Externally

Using the spray bottle, spray the outside of the gun clean.

Step 6: Remove Air Cap and Clean

Remove the air cap and spray the inside of the air cap and the fluid nozzle. Using a cleaning brush, brush the air cap and nozzle to assure all paint deposits are removed from these parts. Respray the parts with thinner to rinse residue off.

Step 7: Blow Dry

Using compressed air, blow the internal parts, air cap, and nozzle.

Step 8: Wipe Clean and Store

Using a cloth, wipe the air cap and nozzle. Then re-attach the parts. The wipe the gun inside and out. The gun can be stored for the next use.

Clean the Gun Immediately

The key to a simple cleaning process is to clean the gun immediately before the products begin to harden. As soon as you are done spraying. This will make the clean-up easy and provide a clean gun for each use.

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