HowTo: Build a Poor Man's Chevy Volt

Build a Poor Man's Chevy Volt

Wish you could make the shift to electric or hybrid, but you can't afford it? If you've got more than a few free weekends on your hands, you may want to consider undertaking Benjamin Nelson's ambitious (to say the very least) car conversion project.

First, Nelson outlines in great detail how to build a cheap electric car by "removing the the car engine, replacing it with a forklift motor, and adding batteries":

(1) Part 1, (2) Part 2, (3) Part 3, (4) Part 4, (5) Part 5

*(Entire instructional video playlist here. Blog with build details here. Instructable here.)

NEXT, Nelson demonstrates how to convert your all electric vehicle to a hybrid (AKA poor man's Chevy Volt) to extend its range.

Instructable here.

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