How To: Keep Cars Off Your Bumper with This Arduino-Controlled Rear Window LED Marquee

Keep Cars Off Your Bumper with This Arduino-Controlled Rear Window LED Marquee

There are plenty of times when it would be nice to be able to give other drivers a piece of your mind, or let them know you're having car trouble so they go around instead of riding your bumper.

While there are several gestures that can certainly get the point across, none of them are quite as effective as this rear-window LED marquee.

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Robert Dunn of DunnRight Software used an Arduino ADK connected to a trailer light hookup using optocouplers as seen in the circuit diagram below. It receives input from the turn signals and lights and only turns on when the lights are in use because it doesn't have very high visibility during the day.

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Robert hand soldered a matrix of 480 LEDs, making the grid sparse so that he could still see through the rear window.

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Using the ADK, he can send messages to the cars behind him, and during normal driving, the marquee advertises his personal website's URL.

Check out the videos to see demos of the turn signals and custom messages.

You can find more photos of the setup in the album on Google+, and more details about the build plus all the code over on Ryan's blog.

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Noble , this was a balcony meste , very good your design , useful and very functional , I would suggest an idea , could use a smoke acrylic , not too dark and high brightness LEDs , and keeping the same consumption , this would that is seen even during the day and in bright sunlight.

I'm thinking of building one myself , I'll put on Land Rover Range Rover Vogue , 'm rescuer , and how can I stop to meet a ocorrênciam this will facilitate me much especially in terms of security , though my vehicle already has strobe lights in front headlights , and the taillights , plus the incorporation of this design bumper will come to add more segurança.Há ! , remembering that I can promote my courses and my company priprio vehicle is not it?

Taking the opportunity , it would be possible to supply the parts list that was used in this project , including the lay-out of PCB 's boards ?

I wish you much luck and colocome their willingness to exchange information .

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