How To: Make a DIY Oil Cooler for Your Car's Engine for Only $60

Make a DIY Oil Cooler for Your Car's Engine for Only $60

Most oil cooler kits cost $250 or more, but the guys at Poor Man Mods show you how to make your own oil cooler for only $60! Oil coolers are great security for longer lasting and better performing engines, especially high-performance engines and in warmer climates.


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1 Comment

Hi Guys,

Surely putting the Oil cooler IN FRONT of your INTERCOOLER is going to be COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. in that, ALL the heat from the oil is going into the Cold Air that SHOULD be going through your INTERCOOLER.

That "COLD" Air is now "WARM" Air and defeats the object of having an INTERCOOLER fitted in the first place.
If anything it should be fitted AFTER the INTERCOOLER or somewhere else.


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