How To: Make a mold for a carbon fiber part

Make a mold for a carbon fiber part

The website shows up how to make mold for carbon fiber parts. Find a place you would want to put the boards to proceed with the action. Then take the shaping clay and put all around the edges. Cut off all the excess clay to become smooth and lay it out. The next step is waxing. Wax the board about five times, resting five minutes within each wax. apply the blue fluid to clean off buildup. It takes about 20 minutes to dry. To get the surface dry, mix gel and hardener in the same cup for about 2-3 minutes. Apply thickly as possible. Then apply the putty. Mix with blue fluid. Flatten the putty on top of the base. Takes about 30 minutes to harden. Next, release the mould by cutting it off with the mold cutter. Take the mold cutter and pull off base. Sand the remainder and polish, and you have creater a mold for a car. Enjoy!

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