How To: Paint your rims

Paint your rims

Jennifer is showing us how to paint rims. You can use Dupicolor paint bought from Auto Zone and costs five dollars. First, you must sand and wipe your rims to ensure a smooth clean coat. Other items you will need are duct tape, newspaper, and a jack. The first step is to place the hand brake on, loosen up the first tire you want to work on, and then jack up the car to easily remove the wheel. Next, clean the tire and rim really well and use a paper towel to dry the rim. Tape newspaper around the tire to protect it from the paint. Use the Dupicolor wipe to ensure the color will go on smoothly. Shake the paint, and start with a thin layer for the first coat. Then apply the dry coat. While the tire is drying, place the spare on so you can remove the next tire. Repeat for all four tires. You cannot drive for 24 hours after painting.

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