How To: Prep and Spray Flat or Matte Black

Prep and Spray Flat or Matte Black

Matte and flat colors have became quite popular. I was surprised to see how many cars used these colors at SEMA 2011.

At 2012 SEMA I started seeing flat and matte in all colors, including pearls and metallics.

These colors can be sprayed on or the car can be wrapped with vinyl. This video tutorial is going to demonstrate how to prep, mix, and spray a single stage matte black. Then I discovered a trick for a custom effect I will share with you as well. I also included a video discussing Matte Clear Coats.

Step 1: Test and Prep Paint Surface

This video demonstrates how to prep an Aftermarket fender. This video series is for spraying matte black, but the same steps can be followed for any color. One thing you want to be certain to do with aftermarket parts is to solvent test the part. If the test fails, you should strip the primer off and spray with epoxy or self etch to assure the metal has proper corrosion protection.

If the test in the video above is performed and the primer is alright, then properly clean and prep the panel as described in the video.

Step 2: Mix and Apply Primer Sealer

This video demonstrates how to apply primer sealer. I also have several spraying techniques that I am going to show you.

Step 3: Mix Single Stage Matte Black

This video demonstrates how to mix matte black paint. Of course, every brand is going to mix different. Just follow the technical data sheet for the specific paint you are using. In this demonstration, we are using a line of paint called Hot Rod by Keystone Automotive or LKQ. This is a single stage, which means it does not require clear coat to be applied.

Step 4: Spray Matte Black

Now you're ready to spray the mayye black. The brand I am using recmmends two coats of paint which makes the process fast and simple. A tip not mentioned on the directions is to add 10% of reducer to the second coat. This will help it lay down even. However, read the technical data sheet for the specific paint you are using.

Trick with Matte or Flat Colors

Here is a trick for you when using flat or matte colors. This is somehing I experimented with and can create custom results without spending more money.

Matte Clears and Questions Explained

Matte and flat clears can also be applied to have the flat effect, which can be tri-coats or metallics. In this video I cover clears and talk about color matching.

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