How To: Program your cars IceLed UFO lighting kit

Program your cars IceLed UFO lighting kit

ICELED UFO is a complete automotive underbody lighting kit consisting of four ICELED tubes, an advanced Electronic Control Unit and a wireless Infrared handset that allows the entire system to be remote controlled from inside or outside the car. The ECU can independently address all the pixels in the tubes allowing them to project patterns ranging from complex all the way down to a single color on the ground. The ECU also provides ICELED data for synchronous control of additional ICELED light sources.

ICELED UFO is a highly advanced underbody lighting system that provides everything required to create the ultimate in ground lighting effects. The Electronic Control Unit animates individual pixels in each of four ICELED tubes to project bright, multi-colored patterns wherever you go.

An unprecedented degree of control over color gives you the ability to style each of the patterns to suit your own individual tastes.

Check out this video tutorial to see how to program your cars UFO system with the One for All universal controller.

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