How To: Save gas by de-activating a fuel injector

Save gas by de-activating a fuel injector

This automotive customization tutorial shows you a method to try to save gas by deactivating a fuel injector. Get your car to run on three cylinders instead of four and save gas. Be careful, you will need to remap your vehicle's ECU or live with the check engine light being continuously on. This method of deactivating a fuel injector to make your vehicle run on one less cylinder will save gas, as long as your car still runs.

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This is a dumb idea. Your car is not engeniered to run with an injector unpluged. The reason his check engine light was flashing was due to a code PO300 =random misfire. He wacked out the computer. The spark plug will bridge the gap due to not igniting fuel plusr mess up that cylinder. His mechanic will love him for a costly repair bill. If you are interested in cutting off cylinders while driving look into a Honda. Honda has engenerred this already but for highway driving only.

this is horrible. And no you wont get a 25 percent increase in mileage cuz now the engine needs to work harder to move your fat ass

This is a really bad idea.

Cadillac tried this back in the early 1980s to try and compete with BMW and Mercedes who were doing this. They caused a major warranty problem for themselves because when the cylinders are turned off sequentially, they cool down and the block then has different rates of expansion, which causes alignment and friction problems and results in the seizing of parts.

The way BMW and M-B where doing this was electronically doing so, so that different cylinders were randomly being turned off and on, so there was no difference in expansion rates.

This is something that can only be engineered into a car's computer at the factory by someone who knows what they're doing..

I didnt go right in to the ins and out BUT; the cylinder deactivation relies on the cylinder valves staying closed to dead head the cylinder so energy isnt used to pump gasses thought the engine ( like a compressor) Once the cylinder is dead headed the pressure created by the piston going up is rewarded with the pressure on the cylinder going down canselling out the cycle (see holden v8 or pontiac in america). If you disconnect an injector OR disconnect 2 injectors on a holden V6 3.8 litre (Beuic v6 if that is how you spell Beuic) (same block) you will have the same problem as if you loose an ignition coil modual (2 cylinders). It will use an unbelievable amount of fuel making your next move one to sell the car as you wont be able to drive it to work as it will cost to much and will run like a hairy goat. (australian saying). The whole idea of disconnecting an injector is faulted from the get go. A well time engine willl always use less fuel than one that has a faulty injector.

this is magnificent idea. i tried it before it saving much more gas. but one thing is important that you have to do it with long driving only. because idling will not be stable but as soon as you drive; you will not feel any difference but more gas mileage .

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