How To: Set the memory seats in a 2010 Ford Lincoln MKX

Set the memory seats in a 2010 Ford Lincoln MKX

The 2010 Ford Lincoln MKX can do plenty of things, and a lot of those features are geared toward comfort. Like your seats. You can position your seats exactly how you want them. And you can save that position so you can always come back to it later, just in case someone messes with your comfort zone. Watch and see how to set your memory seats on a 2010 Lincoln MKX. This will also work on a few other cars as well.


Find your memory buttons.. this one has 1 and 2 driver buttons, so separate people sitting in that seat can adjust their seats to their liking and then when you get in the car, you can choose which driver you are and not have to adjust it manually every time.

On the side of the seat, slide forward/backwards, set it to exactly how you want it, adjust backrest, etc. Press and hold the relevant driver button.. once you hear hear a beep - it's set!

Now when you get in the car, you just press the button of the driver you are and it will automatically adjust to your liking.

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