How To: Unlock a Locked Car Door Without a Key or Slim Jim

Unlock a Locked Car Door Without a Key or Slim Jim

It has happened to everyone at one time or another, but if you work in an environment with cars, it may happen much more often.

I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do is to call a customer to see if they have a spare key because I've locked the keys in the car. That is embarrassing and does not appear too professional.

So in this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate two different ways to unlock a car door, if you locked the keys in it.

How to Unlock the Door Using a Rod Tool

This first method demonstrates how to gain access from the top of the door to unlock a manual button, though it's even easier with electric locks.

Step 1: Pry the Door Edge

You need to have access to fit the tool in to unlock the door. Care must be taken not to damage the paint surface. However, if you have this tool kit, then it is simple. The wedge and plastic cover will help you achieve this with no paint damage.

Step 2: Optional - Air Bag

If you have the air bag tool, then widening the gap is simple. This can be done without the air bag, but the bag does help make the job easier.

Step 3: Unlock Door with Rod Tool

Once you have access, slide the rod through the gap. Reach in and hit the unlock button. The button in the video is a manual button that was pulled to open, but electric locks are even easier, as you can just hit the unlock switch. Another option is to unroll the window if the car is equipped with manual windows.

Step 4: Open the Door

You have successfully gained access to the inside of the vehicle. Now, let's go over the second method.

How to Unlock the Door Using the Plastic Strip

If the car is equipped with the lock on top of the door, then you can use the plastic strip that comes with the lockout kit.

Step 1: Follow Steps 1 and 2 Above

This method requires the door to be pried to fit the plastic strap through. However, this method requires less room to insert the strap.

Step 2: Unlock Door with Strap

Insert the strap and grab the door lock. Once the strap has grabbed the lock as described in video, pull up and out to unlock door.

Step 3: Open Door

And there you have it—access inside the vehicle.

So there are two ways to unlock a car door if you locked your keys in the car. The tool is made by the company Steck and comes with everything you need. If you are an automotive or auto body shop, then you may want this lockout tool kit.

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