How To: Upgrade Your Car's Digital Clock with a Dash-Mounted iPod Nano

Upgrade Your Car's Digital Clock with a Dash-Mounted iPod Nano

Have an older car with nowhere to plug in your iPod? Rather than paying to have one installed, you can mount your iPod nano on your car's dash like Redditor hyeinkali did in his 2001 Honda Accord. Normally, there's just a boring digital clock between the air vents, but it's perfectly suited for a nano-mod. This is a great hack if you plan on getting one of the new nanos or iPod touches, because it gives you a chance to get some more use out of your old nano and its old school 30-pin connector.

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First, hyeinkali removed the clock and circuit board, then trimmed the plastic frame to make room for the iPod.

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After cutting a hole for the USB cable and adding some mesh, all that was left to do was connect it (if you already have a stereo unit that supports USB input). Looks pretty good, even when the iPod is removed.

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Incredibly simple, but effective. For more details and photos, head over to hyeinkali's Imgur album. If classic cars are more your thing, check out the Nanobaker, a 1950 Studebaker with an iPod Nano installed in the dash.

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