News: Motorized Horizontal Death Trap

Motorized Horizontal Death Trap

This bad boy has an 80cc motor and for added danger, you can ride it in a whole slew of different positions. Ride it like a luge, or a trike, or go ahead, lie on your stomach and put your face right next to the engine. The more reckless, the better.

"This is the final version 3 of the Motorized mechanic creeper, built from a Craftsman mechanics creeper, a Harbor Freight 2.5HP 80cc motor, and garage junk. It goes 30MPH, and it's the only one in the world. This was engineered and fabricated for under a $200.00 budget."

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Head right by the engine, no thanks.

Head right by the engine, no thanks.

That looks like way too much fun. Although I might add some sort enclosure around the engine.

Looks like fun,just needs a drivechain cover .

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