News: Obsessive $1,000,000+ Batmobile Replica

Obsessive $1,000,000+ Batmobile Replica

World's most expensive car mod? A wealthy Swede began with a 1973 Lincoln Continental, and three years and one million dollars later, ended up with a real life replica of the famous batmobile. 

From Born Rich,

"...the replica is packed with gadgets and has built in satellite navigation, voice recognition, machine guns, reversing cameras, a DVD player, a plasma TV and even height adjustable bodywork, it just distances itself from the very popular campy Batman. Little in the way of detail has been provided about what's under the hood, but the 700-horsepower techno-sportster is a one-of-a-kind creation, and the construction cost over $1 million..."

Obsessive $1,000,000+ Batmobile Replica

Obsessive $1,000,000+ Batmobile Replica

Obsessive $1,000,000+ Batmobile Replica

Obsessive $1,000,000+ Batmobile Replica

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I'm sorry... did you say machine guns? I'm not sure it's a good idea to let someone crazy enough to spend $1,000,000 replicating a life-size kiddy toy have vehicle-mounted machine guns...

the turning radius must be the size of manhattan

what a waste of money...but nice to look at tho

I think thats cool and all. But if i had all the money in the world.. id rather buy a Bently GT, or, Saleen S7, or maybe a Viper, Lambo, Ferrari.. etc! Hello?! Now those are badass cars...

if you drived through NYC with that car no lambo ferrari saleen could be even close to looking as good as that car it is tha badass of cars

he missed the tires...

(C0D3R the turning radius must be the size of manhattan)

That's what the wing mounted Batarang was for, If I remember the film.

Hell yeah! Batmobile FTW!

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