The Splinter: Car Woven Out of Wood

Car Woven Out of Wood

When you think about car customization, you think about installing a stereo or a turbocharger or something like that, but Joe Harmon and gang have gone a step further and built their own custom car - literally woven out of wood.

The high-performance Splinter is made almost entirely of wood composites and is bonded with professional strength polyvinyl alcohol, urethanes, and epoxies. The body itself is cherry strips weaved together by a homemade "wooden loom".

With even the wheels made of wood, you'd think we were back in the Stone Age, but that's definitely not the case. Multiple videos below demonstrate Harmon's incredible process.

(1) The "wooden loom", (2) The rotisserie "Whirly McGee", (3) Veneer Strips, (4) The resin infusion

The Splinter: Car Woven Out of Wood

The Splinter: Car Woven Out of Wood

The Splinter: Car Woven Out of Wood

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Wood on the engine just seems like a bad idea. Beautiful though...

Now this what i'am talking about, this is really cool stuff for the environment freaks

0-60, 1/4, lat accel, slalom numbers or it ain't happened

verry cool

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