News: Why Buy a Car When You Can Build-It-Yourself?

Why Buy a Car When You Can Build-It-Yourself?

BBC show Top Gear has built a homemade electric car in just 18 hours: the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust.

According to Autocar

"...the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust is a road legal car/shed that started life as a TVR Chimaera and underwent quite a few modifications to become a 21st-century range-extender, all built for considerably less money than GM would spend... on biscuits."

Unfortunately Autocar's review isn't exactly a favorable one (click through to read more). However, the DIY spirit doesn't fail to inspire. Check it out:

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That thing is street legal? The metal walls look only slightly thicker than tinfoil. It's bending under it's own weight. $10 says I could fold them in half...

whatever if it was japanese or german i might buy it :)

I finally watched this episode over the weekend and gotta say this thing is hideous. The episode was funny as hell and Geoff 2 (what you see in the video, the original Geoff did not survive) is just .... rubbish (as the the brits would say it). Top Gear has done it again :-))

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