How To: Turn a Samsung Galaxy Tablet into an In-Dash GPS and Music Player for Your Car

Turn a Samsung Galaxy Tablet into an In-Dash GPS and Music Player for Your Car

There's nothing wrong with driving an older car, but one problem that a lot of people run into is that as mobile devices get more advanced, it gets harder and harder to use them in vehicles made more than a few years ago. There are several ways around this, like installing a dash-mounted iPod Nano or putting a smartphone dock in your ashtray.

Redditor soccerplaya2090 decided to go a little bigger by mounting his Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus in his center console so he can use it to control his music. And what's even better? It can stream Pandora, display the weather forecast, and with Google Maps, it basically becomes a free GPS.

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After removing the display area, he used Velcro to attach the plastic mount to the back of the tablet.

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He also connected a wire to the amp switch so he can turn his subwoofer on and off from the driver's seat.

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It's connected to a head unit with a single din receiver, which connects the charger to the USB port and the auxiliary cable to the headphone jack. When he starts the car, it automatically turns on WiFi so he can tether it to his phone, and he plans on adding another cigarette lighter power source to keep it charged up.

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Check out his post on Reddit for more information and photos.

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Thanks for the idea but I would think someone would break in my car

Would be more useful if you were able to pop it out easily, and take it with you.

How would you turn the tablet on/off as the power switch is on the right top side which looks like would have to remove the tablet everytime switch the tablet on/off, why not just use a car tablet holder, this may work on a very very limited number of cars

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