News: Corner Leaning Car

Corner Leaning Car

Nissan will soon release an electric car called the Land Glider, which hugs turns just like a motorcycle. Intended for urban mobility, this car has a bit more finesse that your average Smart Car. Futuristic, fast, and easy to park.

From Automobile Mag:

"The newest concept coming out of Nissan's design studio has the seating arrangement and handling capabilities of a motorcycle. Although it sports four wheels, an active suspension system helps lean the car into corners by up to 17 degrees, allowing the car to shift its center of gravity and improve stability in corners. Nissan's also managed to integrate the roof and windshield, giving the driver and passenger - seated in a tandem position -- a panoramic view."

Video and images below.

Corner Leaning Car

Corner Leaning Car

Corner Leaning Car

Corner Leaning Car

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looks crap, old people will drive them thinking that there are some how "young" again

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