How To: Set up hands-free calling in a 2010 Lincoln MKZ

Set up hands-free calling in a 2010 Lincoln MKZ

In most states, it's illegal to drive while talking on your mobile phone, but that is easily remedied with hands-free calling. If your cell phone comes equipped with Bluetooth, you can sync it right to your 2010 Lincoln MKZ using Ford SYNC. This video shows you the steps to connecting your phone up in your vehicle. Now you'll have more hands for coffee and cigarettes and donuts.

1) Turn on vehicle.
2) Press "media" button on steering wheel.
3) Wait for audible command prompt .
4) In a clear voice say "phone".
5) If you phone is not already setup, the SYNC system will reply "no Bluetooth device found, follow the device instructions to pair a device." The dashboard screen will read: "no phone paired" and then "add Bluetooth device."
6) Press OK on dashboard. Press OK to begin pairing a device .
7) Press OK again. Sync will say Search for Sync on your device and enter the pin provided by Sync
8) Make sure your device is capable of syncing. Visit Ford SYNC for more info.
9) Enter the SYNC pin into your device.
10) Hit OK.

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