How To: Make a station wagon into a limo for prom

Make a station wagon into a limo for prom

Save money on prom transportation by turning your parents' station wagon into a one-of-a-kind limousine.

Step 1: Attach the rope lights to the ceiling

Attach the battery-operated rope lights to the inside edges of the car's ceiling using clear packing tape.

TIP: Tape the lights to plastic or metal to avoid damaging the car's interior.

Step 2: Cut the window film and place on the windows

Cut the static cling window film to the size of the car's windows and place them on the inside of each.

TIP: Make sure the window film is made for cars and check with local authorities as to the legal allowable tint for your state.

Step 3: Put music within reach of the driver

Put your chosen music in the front seat of the car, within the driver's or front-seat passenger's reach.

Step 4: Secure a portable DVD player in the car

Secure a portable DVD player on the center console or back of the headrest. Place a selection of DVDs in the car.

Step 5: Fill cooler with ice and beverages

Fill the cooler with ice and beverages. Place the cooler in a location that is easily accessible to passengers.

Step 6: Fill the basket with snacks

Fill the basket with snacks and place it in the car next to the cooler.

Step 7: Put the trash bin within reach

Put the small trash bin in a location within reach of the passengers.

Did you know? The world's longest limousine, built by a California man, is 100 feet long and has 26 wheels, a swimming pool, a king-size bed, and a Jacuzzi.

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